Ageing with dignity

Ageing with dignity

Ageing with dignity

Is your dog or cat aged eight or over? Did you know that South Yarra Veterinary Centre offers a comprehensive health care program for our more senior patients? Dr Diana Barker gives us an overview of the many benefits for ageing pets:

We are all aware that our four-legged pals age more quickly than we do and it is important that we identify any health problems as early as possible. Our senior care program allows us to identify potential problems early and to carefully tailor a management plan that keeps your furry family member healthier for longer.

Many common age-related problems such as joint, heart and kidney disease can be managed effectively with great quality of life along the way.

The cornerstone of our senior health care program is the twice yearly health checks with one of our veterinarians, including a full blood screen, urine test, nutrition information, heart and arthritis check. Our program is now new and improved, incorporating a new early kidney disease detection test into our blood screening. This new test allows us to pick up kidney disease when there is only 25% kidney dysfunction (compared to 75% previously), potentially giving your pet several more years of a healthy life.

Sounds expensive? Not at all. We’ve made a deliberate decision to price our senior care packages so that they represent exceptional value for money, our way of assisting all our clients to do the best by their older pets. At the time of writing, a year’s subscription and peace of mind need cost you only a little over $200!

If you are coming to see us with an older pet, we recommend you come prepared with a fresh urine sample (our receptionists can supply you with a collection pot) and a list of any specific health concerns. For older cat patients we strongly recommend you also take a few minutes to complete our Feline Mobility Questionnaire online, this helps us evaluate your cat’s risk of arthritis and other painful conditions.

For more information about our Senior Care Program or to book an appointment please call Prahran Vet Hospital 9510 1335 or South Yarra Veterinary Centre 8566 6735.

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