Senior’s Program

How It Works

The cornerstone of the plan is a complete examination every six months. At each visit a careful assessment of your pet’s health and well being is performed. General advice is given, and specific written recommendations are made for you and your pet.

Blood and urine testing can identify problems well before we see any physical changes and so a complete blood count, biochemical profile and urinalysis are performed at the first visit each year.

Cats have special needs. We monitor them closely for kidney and thyroid problems as well as checking blood pressure when possible.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is included?
• Two consultations with the veterinarian – Six monthly visits.
• Annual complete blood count, biochemical screen and urine test.
• Specific advice and treatment plans.
• General advice on how to help your pet age well.
• Blood pressure and thyroid hormone testing for cats.

What does it cost?
• $210 / year for dogs,
• $230 / year for cats.
This represents a saving of $50 on our regular fees

Are there other costs involved?
• If a problem is identified other tests may be recommended that can be performed in the consultation. This might be an eye pressure test or a lump cytology. These tests are performed only if needed and charged separately.
• The program does not include the cost of medications, or vaccines, these are charged as they are dispensed.

What about the annual vaccination visit?
• The annual vaccination can be incorporated into one of the two check-ups.

What happens if a problem is found?
• If a problem is identified the vet will recommend a course of action. That might be further testing, treatment, dietary change or medication.
• If your pet is overweight we may recommend you participate in our free slimmers program.